Thursday, July 17, 2014


 I received a phone call yesterday that brought tears to my eyes and put a huge smile on my face all at the same time! A woman who has been so touched by my sharing my personal stories in WORDS TO LOVE BY and DARK SECRETS NO MORE, called me just to say thank you for being her inspiration! Can you imagine? Me? She told me that I had inspired her to make a decision in her life that’s monumental! She’s decided to make some very difficult, heart wrenching changes in her life in order to be happy!

This is EXACTLY!! the message that I hoped to share with readers when I first DARED to publish my personal stories! We are each in total control of our own Happiness with the choices that we make and life is way too short to waste a moment!

A phone call like that makes all my hours of writing, accompanied by the blood, sweat, and tears that go along with it...all worth it!!!

Thank you! And you know who you are! You made my day!


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